Hey there! Fall is here, but in Georgia it is still feeling like summer! I am dreaming of the days to come that I can slip on my leggings, boots, oversized sweaters and walk outside to cool crisp air. Until the, I will just imagine it. With Fall comes one of my favorite holiday and that is Halloween. Ever since I was little my mom got into Halloween so I guess it rubbed off on me. I get super into decorating, costumes, etc. This year will be more fun to my husband and me because our son will be able to partake this year. Last year he was only around 7 months old and we didn’t get him a costume or go trick or treating (or trunk or treating). We just got him a costume last week and I am so excited to put it on him. He is going to be Superman! Ugh-I can just see his cute self in that costume with the muscles built in! I have compiled a list of super cute costumes for toddler boys and girls that are not ridiculously priced for a one-time wear! Target has some GREAT costumes and most are priced at $25 or UNDER and you can pick them up at your local Target to order them online. Right now they are having a sale where you save $5 when you spend $30 on Halloween costumes, decor, lights, or candy!

All costumes mentioned below are $25 or BELOW!

10 Cute Toddler Boy Costumes

  1. The Incredibles Dash Classic Muscle Halloween Costume with Sound 2T or 3T/4TThe Incredibles
  2. Toddler Muscle Marvel Spider-Man Deluxe Costume 2T-3Tor 3T/4TSpider Man
  3. Toddler PAW Patrol Marshall Halloween Costume 2T/3T or 3T/4TPaw Patrol
  4. Daniel Tiger Deluxe Costume 18months/2T or 3T/4T Daniel Tiger
  5. Paw Patrol Chase Costume 2T/4T Paw Patrol Chase
  6. The Hulk Costume 2T/3T or 3T/4TThe Hulk
  7. Batman Costume 2T/3T or 3T/4TBatman
  8. Star Wars Darth Vader Costume 2T/3T or 3T/4TDarth Vader
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Costume 12-18 monthsJack Sparrow
  10. Police Officer Costume 2T/4TPolice Man



10 Cute Toddler Girl Costume

  1. Monarch Butterfly Costume 2T/3T or 4T/5TMonarch Butterfly
  2. Fancy Witch Costume 2T/3T or 4T/5TFancy Witch
  3. Minnie Mouse Pink Costume 2T or 3T/4TMinnie Mouse
  4. Plush Unicorn Costume 2T/3T or 4T/5TUnicorn
  5. The Incredibles Violet Parr Costume 2TIncredibles Violet Parr
  6. Paw Patrol Skye Costume 2T/3T or 3T/4TPaw Patrol Skye
  7. Precious Leopard Costume 3T/4TPrecious Leopard
  8. Super Hero Wonder Woman Costume 2TWonder Woman
  9. Pirate Princess Costume 2T/3T or 3T/4TPirate Princess
  10. Rainbow Unicorn Costume 2T/3T or 4T/5TRainbow Unicorn

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