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Precious Mammaries is a breastmilk jewelry keepsake for anyone who wants to preserve a special memory. This unique item allows you to customize your piece of jewelry with your breast milk, stand of hair from your baby, placenta, umbilical cord and ashes. Whatever you send in will be used to create an original and striking stone that is a one of a kind creation for mom. Think about the holidays coming up and what a surprise it would be to receive a gift that is so intimate and special that will harness those special times.

I received the Classic Drop necklace in sterling silver with an 18 inch chain. The turn around time is very quick and you will receive a lifetime guarantee. Precious Mammaries breastmilk jewelry extracts your breast milk’s what they call “thumbprint” pattern, which creates a one-of-a-kind look unique to mom. The stones are made with glass, not resin or any other products. I love that they are made by women who understand the symbolism of breast milk and they are also made in the USA!

review of breast milk jewelry from Precious Mammaries 6

review of breast milk jewelry from Precious Mammaries 4

Since I am no longer breastfeeding, I chose to send in a  lock of my son’s hair. This is what it turned out looking like and I love it. It is a treasure that I can keep forever with his sweet baby hair. I love the length of the necklace that it is not too long or too short and the teardrop hangs perfectly. The chain is nicely put together and feels of great quality. Its not flimsy and cheap like so other chains you receive with necklaces.  If you want to get one for yourself or for your loved one, use the code “mamasboyandalabrador” for 10% off your purchase at Precious Mammaries.

review of breast milk jewelry from Precious Mammaries 2

review of breast milk jewelry from Precious Mammaries 3

Watch my quick video review below…


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