Hey! Welcome back! Today I want to share with you my cleaning routine that help me keep my house clean and tidy ALL WEEK LONG! As a working mom with a toddler, there is not much time to spend cleaning my house so I have got it down to where I clean a little each day. Sounds crazy right? It’s not! Let me give you a little back story of how this came about. Nearly 9 months ago, I stumbled upon a cleaning blog called Clean Mama-it changed my life! I am not saying that as an exaggeration, but as a fact! She emphasizes the fact that cleaning a little everyday can keep you house clean and not spend an entire day or two on the weekend trying to catch up and clean. (Who wants to do that? Not me!) I would rather spend my weekends (especially in the Fall) watching College Football, going for hikes in the mountains, playing with our son out n the backyard, etc. I also do a load of laundry every day…YES! Every.Single.Day. This helps me to manage the laundry while piles are small and not become overwhelmed by large loads. I am a clean freak and get anxiety over things that seem out of control, so this method help me keep myself in check! Below, I will list the types of laundry I do each day in case you are curious and you can also get a printable of the weekly tasks

In another post, I will detail the green cleaning products that I make and use that are 100% safe, natural, and effective and are a fraction of the cost of store bought green cleaning products!

Below I will detail the routine I use from the Clean Mama Blog and adapted to fit our own home’s needs. You will notice I make my own cleaning products, however, you could use the ones you have already purchased as well.

Weekly Cleaning Routine 

Everyday: I make up the bed first thing every morning before I even walk out of the room. This mentally prepares me for the day and I have a feeling of already accomplishing something before the day begins. Research has shown that people who make their bed are more productive throughout the day…try it!Bed Made

Monday: Bathrooms-I thoroughly, but quickly clean each bathroom on Mondays, but do not do the floors. Those are for another day in the week. I like doing bathrooms on Monday because I am fresher and they need a good cleaning after the weekend of being home. If you have boys, you especially want to clean them every week! I used to dread cleaning bathrooms because I would let them go for weeks and they would get so dirty and hard to clean. NOT ANYMORE! If you clean them once a week, they will never get to that point ever again and are so much easier to maintain. The products I use are green, meaning that they are safe for everyone and are not toxic like some cleaning products can be. For the bathrooms, I use the Clean Mama recipe for Lemon and Lavender Disinfecting Spray. I clear the surfaces in the bathroom and spray them all thoroughly and let sit for a few minutes. I then wipe down the sink with a microfiber cloth, the toilet with a new microfiber cloth, and the shower and/or tub with another microfiber cloth. You see I am not using the same microfiber the entire time because I do not want to cross contaminate other surfaces. I also spray my Peppermint Glass & Mirror Cleaner and wipe with a new microfiber cloth. Why microfiber cloths? They are reusable, easy to clean, and will not leave lint behind after usage. They are also highly effective in cleaning up areas quickly-just make sure you have AT LEAST 10. (I use them for everything as you will see in this post) Once I have wiped down all of the surfaces I sprinkle baking soda, vinegar, and 2-3 drops of lemon essential oils into the toilet bowl and let sit I do the other bathroom. I come back to the toilet and use a toilet brush to scrub it good. Once I am finished with the toilet brush, I spray it with hydrogen peroxide to clean it and let it dry by sitting in between the toilet seat and the rim. I then put back everything, put a new hand towel in the bathrooms and VIOLA! Clean again! On Mondays, I wash our towels and sometimes our blankets if I feel they need them.Guest Bathroom

Master Sinks


Master Shower

Tuesday: Dusting-I dust on Tuesdays with a microfiber duster. Using this allows me to quickly dust areas in the house from top to bottom (including pictures) without having to spray a cleaning spray and wipe. About once every few months I will use my dusting polish to give it a deep clean, but for weekly cleanings I just use my microfiber duster. Since, I do not have a lot of clutter in our home, I can easily dust areas without having to move so many things out of my way.  We also have a few areas cleared because our toddler wants to pull everything off, so it was just easier to move or hide some things. I dust the fans and light fixtures with the same wand about once a month as well. If you have small children the are of the age they can help, then include them. I gave my 18 month old son a microfiber cloth and he followed me around the house an wiped surfaces with me. He wasn’t really accomplishing much, but I want him to feel included and he is starting to learn how to clean. I am hoping that by him seeing mommy clean, he will just grow up knowing this is just what must be done and not associate it with a “chore”. *Fingers crossed* On Tuesdays, I wash Hudson’s clothes, towels, sheets etc. Anything that is his gets washed today.Duster

Wednesday: Vacuum-I vacuum the carpets in our home this day because I dusted the day before. We have a lot of carpet in our home right now and I like to break up the vacuuming into 2 days. Sometimes I will even vacuum the baseboards on this day. I move quickly because remember the goal is to clean in short amounts each day not taking up a lot of precious time! This Shark vacuum is really a great one for the price and picks up really well! I have had it for a few years and it still works perfectly! I like that it has attachments too so that you can vacuum stairs if you have them or need to get in between crevices, or vacuum baseboards. On Wednesdays, I wash any delicates or work related garments and then I will wash rugs. Carpet Vacuum

Thursday: Vacuum & Mop Hard Floors-Since I mop the hard floors this day, I also vacuum the hard floors before I mop on this day. By doing both on the same day, it saves me time in having to pick up rugs and move chairs around only once. (Side note:I vacuum our kitchen every night after dinner because…I have a toddler, so there are always crumbs on the floor. Its so annoying and gross to walk around and get goldfish crumbles on your feet, so I vacuum once he is in bed. It takes me like 2 minutes tops and makes me feel better!) I just got this Black & Decker 2-n-1 cordless vacuum and I LOVE IT! It is so light and convenient to just pull out quickly when I need to tidy up. Once I have vacuumed the hard woods and the tile in our bathrooms, then I mop. I use two methods for mopping depending on how I feel. The version I use the most is with my O’Cedar Spin microfiber mop. I fill it with 1 gallon of hot water, a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s Orange Castle Liquid Soap, and some essential oil. I mix different essential oils depending on the season or mood I am in. Once I have made this then I mop the floors. This usually only takes about 15-20 minutes and then the floors look and feel fantastic! Another method that I use, is the Casabella Chenille Microfiber Floor Duster and a spray bottle with quick floor cleaner. I mainly use this in the kitchen because sometimes after I have vacuumed after dinner I feel it needs a quick scrub. I spray the cleaner on the floor and then just quickly wipe up with the duster taking only minutes to do. On Thursdays, I wash our laundry and then I wash the microfiber cleaning cloths I’ve used during the week. Hard Floors Vacuum

Quick Clean Hardwood Floor Spray                        Spin Mop

Friday: Catch-All Day-Anything that I haven’t completed is done on this day. I also clean out the refrigerator and wipe it down on Fridays getting it ready for the weekend. We do our grocery shopping early Saturday mornings as a family, so Friday is a great day to get rid of old contents and prepare for new groceries to enter the home. I also meal plan on Fridays too so that I can write a list of what we need and have it ready for Saturday’s shopping. If you would like a meal planing template for your use then get it below!!

On Fridays, I wash Hudson’s laundry again (he goes through a lot) and I wash our workout clothes.

Saturday: I do not do any cleaning tasks this day as it is our shopping day and family fun day. I wash sheets every Saturday…I love the feeling of having crisp clean sheets every week!

Sunday: I usually just relax on Sundays and sometimes we will go for a hike or to the park. The only task I do on Sunday’s is to wash our dog Ruger’s bedding. He likes fresh bedding too!

If you are thinking “Wow, that’s a lot to do in a week! I’m not sure I can or want to do that much!” then I understand. You can use just some of these tasks weekly and you will be amazed at how quick you get at finishing them and realize that you also love having a clean house all the time. You never have to worry about people popping over unexpectedly and worrying that your house is in disarray! Try it and let me know what you think! LET ME HEAR FROM YOU!!

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Thank you!

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