Happy Saturday again!! This post is a follow up of the Little Lady Christmas gift guide that I posted earlier today. I didn’t forget about my little boys and compiled a list of amazing items. Below you will finds 10 gifts that your Little Gent will adore-and so will you! 

Little Gents Christmas Gift Guide

VTECH KidiBeats Drum Set

Do you have a child who likes to bang on things? Like the tables? A box? Your leg? This is the perfect toy for those who want to beat things. This drum set has 3 drum pads and a cymbal each with their own sound and lights. There are 9 preset melodies for you kid to rock out and dance to. Get one for your musical tot at Amazon or Target

Drum Set

VTECH Smart Shots Sports Center

My son has this and it has been one of his favorite toys. It comes with both the soccer and basketball so that they can play both sports on this center. The hoop makes sounds if it is touched and the goal does too if a ball goes into the net. The buttons and graphics on the screen entertain my son who is easily distracted these days. Get one for your little sport at Amazon or Target

Smart Shots

STEP2 Best Cel’s Toy Kitchen Playset

Be.Still.My.Heart. This is a dream play kitchen! Iy has realistic knobs that sound like a gas-stove coming on. The knobs turn so that kids can pretend that the sink is running. I mean look at it! No really…see it here on Amazon

Chef's Kitchen

Pull Back Vehicles

What boy doesn’t love vehicles? These vehicles are pull back and will scoot across the room. My son has one (not this exact one) and he gets a laugh out of propelling them across the room. Check these out on Amazon

Pull Back Vehicles

Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike

Get the coolest little trike for your son so he can ride around the streets and be the envy of the neighborhood. I love this trike so much because it is pedal powered (get that toddler energy out) and it is fairly sturdy according to customer reviews. Check it out on Amazon


Little Tikes Shopping Cart

This shopping cart is just precious and has stood the test of time. Kids over so many generations have loved shopping carts so they can imitate their parents grocery shopping. This one is perfect for toddlers and younger children and it even has a seat in the front so they can put their “child”. My son would love this because he likes to push things around the house. Get one at Amazon or Target

Shopping Cart

Aurora World Super Flopsie Big Scruff Dog Plush

Do you have a little one who loves stuffed animals? How about dogs? Then you’re in luck. My son loves loves loves dogs and he loves snuggling with stuffed animals. He gets the biggest grin on his face and crinkles his nose when he sees one! This oversized puppy dog is super soft and the customer reviews say they children fight over it. Now that’s a winner! Check out this cutie on Amazon

Oversized Stuffed Animal Dog

Kid Trax 6V Mossy Oak Quad Ride-On

We are getting our son this exact powered vehicle for Christmas and I am so excited about it. It has one button on the handle that they can push to make it go, but the speed is not going to scare the mommas! Its battery powered so get your batteries ready too! Get Ride-on  at Amazon.  

Mossy Oak Powered Ride-On

Rockin’ Rider Maverick Spring Horse

If you have a little wild child like I do, then this will surely please him. This little horsey rocks and plays music when you press its ear. My son would LOVE this because he likes anything that makes motion. Check this out at Amazon

Rockin' Rider Horse

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Food Truck

This is the cutest for pretending to serve food! I think that kids would love playing with this food truck because its hands-on and has different songs and sounds. It allows kids to use the cash register, practice counting skills and many other fun things. Check it out at Amazon

Food Truck

BONUS: Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum 

If your child has a vacuum obsession like mine, the do yourself a favor and get this toy! It is realistic, makes a vacuum sound, and it even picks up things!! My son has this and he plays with it ALL THE TIME!!! Get your child one at Amazon or Target

Dyson Vacuum



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