Calling all moms about to deliver within the next month…Have you packed your hospital bag yet?

If not, it has been suggested that you pack it around 37 weeks. I know this sounds early, but wouldn’t you rather have everything packed and ready to go just in case the big moment comes on unexpectedly!? I remember packing my bag around 36 weeks because the doctor and my specialist (I had complications) said I would more than likely deliver early. While I thought early meant at 38-39 weeks, they really meant at 37 weeks. I was so relieved that I had already gotten everything I needed together not only for me, but for our baby. I must admit that I took WAY TOO MUCH thinking I’d feel up to changing everyday and changing my baby everyday. Ummm, not so much! After being induced and trying to deliver vaginally for 2 days, the doctor finally told me I needed a cesarean. I was nervous, but relieved. So my grand plans of being up and about with my baby were crushed. I didn’t get out of the bed until later that night with the help of nurses. Our newborn just wore a diaper and a swaddle the entire time we were there until we left the hospital. I lugged all those clothes and makeup to the hospital only to sit in my bag and take up space. I was just happy to have taken a shower let alone put on makeup and style my hair.

In order to help you be prepared for when your little one decides to make their appearance, I compiled a list from many different sources along with the things I needed and put it into a pretty printable checklist for you to pack your bags. If you don’t need something on the list then go ahead and cross it out. I will say that there are a few more items on here that I would not bring next time, but some mothers are ambitious and will feel like greeting their guests looking nicer than I did…AND I ADMIRE THAT! The printable also includes suggested needs for partner and baby.

Click here for your printable Hospital Bag Checklist
Picture of Hospital List


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