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Welcome to my blog Mama’s Boy and a Labrador! I am excited to share with you many things that have helped me survive being a new mother thus far, along with tid bits of helpful information that I have read, researched and vetted to help mothers keep their sanity. My name is Rachel and our family lives in Georgia. I have been married for 5 (going on 6) years and we have a rambunctious little boy named Hudson who is 20 months old. We also have a black english labrador retriever named Ruger who is 4 years old, although at times he still acts like a 4 month old puppy.

RugerHud & Ru

Currently, I am a high school biology teacher and have been teaching for nearly 11 years. Just last year I was able to start working part-time instead of full-time so I could spend more time with our child.

Me, Ru, & Hud

What’s the story behind your blog name?

Well, our son Hudson, has been a mama’s boy since the day he was born. I have to admit, it is partially my fault because in the beginning I was “stingy” with him (according to my family, haha). From the minute he was born, we were instantly attached to each other and (a year and a half later) are still very attached. The moment we brought Hudson home from the hospital, our lab was curious about him. He would come over to the couch and sniff his ahead and would occasionally lick his forehead.

Snuggles Ru and Hud

We praised Ruger for being so sweet as we wanted positive feelings being associated with our new baby. As Hudson became more interactive, he started to play with Ruger more and more. Now, he follows our dog around, squealing and running at him with toys. Ruger wags his tail and absolutely loves the attention.

My adoration for both of them is how I came up with the name Mama’s Boy and a Labrador.

Hud and Ru

My goal here is to inform, help, encourage, and support you because “Mommin’ ain’t easy!”


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