You’re Pregnant! Congratulations…now do you know what you need for your new bundle of joy? Just the thought of getting everything a baby needs is overwhelming. When I first started looking at all the things a baby needed I felt like my head was spinning in circles. I started researching must-haves for babies and the lists I found were crazy. I needed something simple to start with and get the basics before I thought about the other nice-to-have items so many other lists were referring to. I have complied a list of 10 must-have items every first-time mom needs!


  1. Double Electric Breast Pump with accessories: Most insurance companies will pay for a breast pump so make sure to check with your provider before shelling out your own dollars for one of these because they can be pretty pricey. The reason you need a deal expression breast pump is so that you can pump both breast at the same time-which allows you to express more milk in a shorter period of time. I used the Medela Pump in Style Double Electric Breast Pump because it is well known to be a great breast pump and has really goo reviews. Every girl I know that has had a baby used this breast pump, including me. This particular one comes with milk bottles and a cooler with ice pack which is great for working moms like me who had to pump on the go. I would also recommend getting the Freemie collection cups (compatible with many breast pumps especially Medela Pump in Style) to help make pumping on the go or in front of other easier. I used these while I was driving to and from work which worked out great because I was just sitting, so why not pump milk!Medela Breast Pump
  2. Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: This was one of THE BEST things I bought for our son! We didn’t immediately purchase one of these and I know now how wrong I was to have waited the 3 weeks I did. Originally we were going to put the pack-n-play next to our bed for him to sleep next to me. Clearly we didn’t think through the logistics ahead of time because the pack-n-play was too wide to fit between our bed and my dresser. Secondly, I didn’t realize how difficult (meaning PAINFUL) it would be for me to get into and out of our high bed after having a C-section-it wasn’t happening! So I slept on the couch next to the pack-n-play. Yes, it sucked and I got NO SLEEP, but what new mom does? My sister-in-law had raved about having a rock-n-play and after I took a look at hers I was in love. As quickly as i could, I ordered the Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper at Babies R’ Us and had my husband pick it up on his way home from work. We put it together, sat our newborn in it and he loved it! We got the one that you plug in and it rocks by itself. Ours also played music and nature sounds which is a cool feature. I loved being able to set him down in it when I needed to do something, when he was napping, and my favorite part was having him be able to sleep next to our bed once I was able to climb into it again. Another reason I loved the Rock ‘n Play was it was super light and easy to transport from room to room especially for moms who have just delivered.Rock 'n Play Sleeper
  3. Bouncer Seat: Another item I discover late was the Fisher Price Baby’s Bouncer. There are so many reasons I love this bouncer seat! For one, it again is super light and easy to move anywhere you need to. I found it helpful to have my baby in the while I was unloading the dishwasher or cooking dinner. Secondly, it bounces a good bit, but not enough that they will fling out of it (my child tried). It also has a buckle to keep them safe and secure, just in case. We used this bouncer to help us get our baby out of the bathtub safely. We would put a towel over it and once bath time was over, we could put him in the seat (without the toys attached) and be able to drain the tub while he was sitting safely there to dry off. We still use it to this day to help us keep him wrangled after bath time. Yes, I realize he can stand and dry off with a towel now, but he still thinks it is part of the routine and I love that he can’t run off soaking wet.Bouncer
  4. Onesies: If there is one article of clothing that your baby will live in for the first 1-3 months of their life this is it! You will probably get so many cute clothes from showers and gift, but you will not want to put those on while your chillin’ around the house. You want to be comfortable during your recovery and you want your baby to be comfortable at home too. We put our newborn in the Carter’s Baby White Onesies because they are super soft and didn’t irritate our babies fresh skin like some other scratchy fabrics did. I loved that they are white because your baby will spit up, pee, and poop on them and its ok! Since they are white you can bleach them easily and they look brand new! Onesies
  5. Bottles: I stressed out over bottles so much in the beginning because there were SO.MANY.OPTIONS that it was overwhelming. I didn’t do much research, but I did go by recommendations. I tried a few other brands (mainly expensive and name brand ones) and took them ALL back because they made Hud gassy and fussy, or they had too many parts to clean. After consulting some experts, they told me to get the Gerber First Essential BPA free Plastic Bottles with Latex Nipple. I was skeptical mainly because they are so cheap, but I LOVE these bottles! The nipple is soft and was easy for Hud to transition back and forth from breast to bottle without “confusion”. He never got gas from these bottle and for me that was a win! There are so many bottle options that if you do not like one, take it back and find another one, even if it is not these! Bottles
  6. Pacifiers: If your baby will take a pacifier, then thank your lucky star! I know so many mammas who want to soothe their baby and they will not take one or they will suck their thumb. I tried a variety of different types, shapes, and brands of packs and the ONLY ONE that Hudson likes were the Mam Pacifiers. They are orthodontic shaped so it will not distort their palate like some other shaped pacis.  My advice is that if your baby will not take a paci (and you want them to), try another style or brand. Every baby is different so keep trying other option until you find the right one:)  Pacis
  7. Diapers/Wipes: You will need so many of these it is crazy. A good rule of estimation is from 0-1 month they average 10-12 diapers a day, from 1-5 months they average 8-10 diapers a day, from 5-9 months they average 7-8 diapers a day, and 9-12 months they average 6-8 diapers a day. Now, this will obviously vary some, however it can get you started. Sizing is tricky especially if you are planning to stockpile diapers and if your baby is not born yet. Most babies will start off in newborns unless they are a big baby at birth. Taking your babies weight and amount of diapers they go through a day, you should be able to come up with a close estimation of how many you need. You also may have to try several brands to see which one you like and which ones will not irritate your babies skin. We tried all types of diapers and my 2 favorite brands are Kirkland Diapers from Costco and Pamper Swaddlers. You will also need a TON of wipes! They are great for not only of diaper changes, but for wiping noses and hands. I love the Kirkland Wipes from Costco because they do not contain dye, chlorine, alcohol, parabens, or phthalates and they are super soft. I have wiped them on my son’s face many times and he has never had a reaction to them.  DiapersPampers SwaddlersWipes

8. Sound Machine: This is a saving grace for babies and parents. Having a sound machine will allow babies to get into a deep rem sleep and stay there allowing their brains to rest better. They also block out surrounding noise so that you do not have to stay silent in fear of “waking the baby” in the other room. We have the Conair Sound Therapy Machine and only use the white noise setting. The other noises are not as effective in getting babies to sleep soundly and often times can be distracting (have you heard the birds screeching in the jungle before? That sound keeps me awake!)

Sound Machine

9. Baby Wearing Apparatus: There are ties that you are not going to want to carry your baby in your arms the entire time or you want to, but you need to be able to use your arms. You will need and want a baby carrier. During the first month you may want a softer carrier such as the Boba, K-Tan. or Solly baby that is mainly cloth wrapped around your body.  However, when they get bigger you may need a sturdier carrier to support their weight. I bought the Ergo Baby 360 All Positions Carrier not too long after Hud got a few months old and found it was very sturdy. It came with an infant pillow to boost them higher up in the carrier (its removable) and this one allows you to wear your baby in 4 positions. While this is not necessary, I found it helpful to have options. Do your research and figure out how you would use your carrier and when so that you know which type will best suit your needs.

Ergo Baby Carrier

10. Swaddles: Lastly is the swaddle. I hear so many mother say their baby doesn’t like to be swaddled, but it helps your baby fall and stay asleep. I found that Hu liked being swaddled and it relaxed him when I started wrapping him into one. Swaddling prevents babies from waking themselves up from their own startle reflex. This is a natural behavior of newborns and goes away by 3 months of age, which is when you stop swaddling. There are many different swaddles and I can say I have probably tried ALL of them! BUT-hands down the best swaddles are the Moms on Call Swaddle Blanket. My little boy was so long and wiggled so much that I even had to put a Woombie Original Zippered Swaddle on top to keep him from escaping. I suggest that you try different swaddles until you find the right one for your baby! Moms on Call Swaddle Blanket


I hope that you found these TOP 10 New Mom Must Haves as informative and good luck with your new bundle of joy!

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